The 2nd AAMS Congress
& Hippocrates Gala

Sleep Disordered Breathing And Craniofacial Growth And
Development; Early Intervention And Patient Outcomes

Chicago, IL, USA | March 1-5, 2017

The Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park 200 N. Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601

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My practice focuses on treating orofacial myofunctional disorders (open mouth, tongue thrust, poor chewing) and cognitive disorders

A message from Licia


As I might have previously told you, I’m retiring from private practice.

It has been a long process to find someone to replace me, someone who I can trust to have the utmost care for you and your family should you continue to seek treatment in this office.

The two speech-language pathologists who are taking over my practice are Christine Sofiane Katzenmaier and Hermela Gebremichael. I personally trained them in myofunctional therapy and I’ll be available for consultation if they so wish. Both of them are specialized in swallowing disorders and in their current practice they care for patients with symptoms such as GERD, myofascial tightness, facial paralysis, poor nasal breathing, inefficient chewing, sleep disordered breathing and poor oral posture.

They can help you and your family members re-establish the correct orofacial and nasal functions to stabilize in the long term any orthodontic treatment and prevent relapses. They can help prevent myofacial pain by eliminating parafunctions and by counseling parents of young children on how to foster proper craniofacial growth and development. Of course they are full fledged licensed speech language pathologists so they can take care of anybody with speech, language, swallowing and cognitive issues.

Both Christine and Hermela will be glad to meet with you in person.  Here is their contact info:

Christine Sofiane Katzenmaier, MS, CCC-SLP

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Hermela Gebremichael, MS, CCC-SLP

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Regarding your current treatment, if you are close to completing your cycle of treatment I’ll discharge you with life-style recommendations to continue along a path of health. If the treatment is half way through, you have the choice to complete it with me through online follow ups or to transfer your treatment to my colleagues. Starting with April 1st I will not accept new patients anymore.

I enjoyed working with you and I hope you find working with Christine and Hermela pleasant and useful. I’m sure they will meet and exceed your expectations.

Thank you again for all the trust you placed in me caring for you and your family members.

My best regards,

Licia Coceani Paskay

OPICA Adult Day Program and Counseling Center

Marilyn Hilton Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center (MSAC) at UCLA

A book that I helped with translation:

“Phonological assessment of respiration. Protocol manual on the phonoaudiological assessment of breathing with scoring (PROPABS)”
Available on Amazon

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Exploring chewing in 20 points!

By Licia C. Paskay, MS, CCC-SLP!
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